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Lenz Lim

I am a Canon EOS Professional, Wildlife/Macro Photographer based in Singapore with years of photography experience. My fascination for wildlife started when I was really young, intrigued by the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth. Watching endless nature documentaries fuelled my interest in wildlife photography and what drives me is my passion for discovery and to share those discoveries with others.

Many go by their lives not noticing the beauty of nature around them and the little critters that share this Earth with us. I wish to film a full wildlife/macro documentary one day and spread the importance of environmental conservation.

There is always something new to learn/discover during each shoot and every hour spent is worth it! Join me in my adventures to explore the natural world around us!


Travellution Magazine 2019
Lenz Lim Macro with EOS RP
EOS World feature
“Mirrorless macro with the Canon EOS RP” 2019
Macro Photography Workshop @Kreta Ayer CC 2019
Organised by PAYM (Kreta Ayer CC)
Sponsored by Canon Singapore
Photo 19-7-18, 12 24 46.jpg
Sharing at Ministry of Health (MOH) 2018
Macro Photography Exhibition 2019
Macro Photography Exhibition 2019
Macro Photography Workshop @NUS 2018
Organised by NUSPS & PAYM (Kreta Ayer CC)
Sponsored by Canon Singapore
Macro Photography Workshop @NUS 2018
Organised by NUSPS & PAYM (Kreta Ayer CC)
Sponsored by Canon Singapore
Cano EOS World Lenz Lim
Canon EOS World 2018 (link available)
Chiiz Magazine Lenz Lim
Chiiz Magazine 2018
Travellution Magazine 2018
NTU EcoClick Nature Competition – Award Winner
2017 and 2018
NTU “Nature at Our Doorstep” Calendar 2018
NTU Hey! Magazine (Jul-Aug) 2017
Canon “Capture the World with EOS 80D” -Award Winner 2016
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